How to provide access to project dashboards to external users

May 16, 2014


Need to provide external users with access to dashboards


Sometimes users outside of Zephyr testers and managers need or want access to the testing status of a Zephyr project


External users, who do or do not have a Zephyr login, can access and view public dashboards and metric information. All they need is the URL to the dashboard and to be on the same network as the Zephyr server.

This method will not work with dashboards that have been made secure and all users will need a login to view the dashboards.



Knowledge Document Information


Title:                     Providing access to project dashboards to external customers

Product:                 Enterprise Edition, Community Edition

Version:                 4.X

Summary:              Give external users, on the same network, the URL to public                                                    dashboards and they have view project and metric information