How To Integrate Zephyr Enterprise/Community With Jenkins and Robot framework

July 04, 2019

Zephyr can now be integrated with Jenkins using "Zephyr Enterprise Test Management plugin" to publish unit test results. The plugin can be downloaded from Jenkins repository or from Zephyr utilities repository . It supports publishing maven surefire format test results to Zephyr (JUnit and TestNG). Refer to this link for more details.

"Zephyr Enterprise Test Management plugin" by default parses results in unit tests format (JUnit) and uploads them to Zephyr. Robot framework tests can be configured to generate JUnit reports so that it can be used by Zephyr plugin. Add the command line switch "-x junit.xml" when running robot tests. Find below complete command syntax.

robot -x junit.xml test1.robot

The above command runs the robot test and produces the file "junit.xml" along with other regular report files. This can be used to post results to Zephyr Enterprise Edition /Zephyr for JIRA Server versions.


Versions: 4.5.X+