How To Integrate Zephyr Blueprints for Confluence with Zephyr for JIRA

February 27, 2015

Step 1: Login to confluence. Then navigate to <Administration>-><General Configuration>. Here click on <Application Links> at the left panel.

Step 2: Create new link by entering the URL of JIRA [Ex: http://localhost:8645/jira]. Once the link gets created, automatically the reciprocal links gets created between Confluence and JIRA. Also Trusted Applications and OAuth gets configured automatically.

Step 3: Click on <General Configuration> under <Zephyr Blueprint> heading on the left panel of the same Confluence General Configuration page. Here you need to login to JIRA in order to authorise operations.

Step 4: Next click on <Select JIRA Server> button and select Zephyr for JIRA metrics.

After integrating Zephyr blueprint with Zephyr for JIRA, create the space, Zephyr blueprint page and insert Zephyr for JIRA metrics under created blueprint page.

Please access the below link that provides more details about integrating Zephyr for  JIRA with Zephyr Blueprints for Confluence.