How to install Zephyr Mobile in Android Phone.

July 06, 2015


How to install Zephyr Mobile in Android Phone.


In order to use Zephyr Mobile App from your phone, we need to be connected to the VPN first.
Below is the procedure to connect to our VPN from Android device,install Zephyr Mobile application and  there after your Zephyr server IP XXX.XXX.XXX.XX server can be connected through the Zephyr Mobile App.

Pre-requisites: VPN should already be setup and in working condition on your laptop/pc.
Copy the file C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenVPN\config\d-software.ovpn from your laptop/pc to a folder on your phone for example you can name the folder as /sdcard0/others/vpn/Open-vpn-certs.
Copy all the files in C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenVPN\config\untangle-vpn folder to the newly created folder in your mobile.
Download the App "OpenVPN Connect" from Google Play
Open the app and select menu (top right corner) item Import -> "Import Profile From SD Card" option
Navigate to the newly created folder on your phone and select "d-software.ovpn" file that you have copied from your laptop.
Once import is complete, you will get an option to connect.
Connect the VPN and download Zephyr mobile application from the Google Play Store.
Once the installation is completed when you click on Zephyr icon, you will get a screen as per the Screenshot1.png. Please enter your Zephyr URL and you will get a screen(as Screenshot2.png)to select the project,version and cycle to filter tests.
NOTE: Zephyr server URL will be saved for the future use.

Please Note:
VPN connections from laptop and the phone can be used simultaneously
Once connected to VPN which you have on your laptop/PC all the traffic on your phone goes through the VPN tunnel and could slow down some internet related apps on phone, so connect VPN on mobile only when using this application.
Each user has to use their own VPN files from the laptop/pc.