How to include un-executed tests from previously executed cycle to current cycle

June 02, 2016


Not able to add tests to current cycle that are not executed in the previous cycle.


While adding tests to a cycle from another cycle, you can only add tests that are executed atleast once.


You can achieve this by Bulk copy of executions from Tests -> Search Test Executions as a workaround. Follow the below steps to add executions of status "UNEXECUTED" from Cycle A to Cycle B.

  1. Navigate to Tests -> Search Test Executions
  2. Search by ZQL Filter --> cycleName = "Cycle A" and executionStatus = UNEXECUTED
  3. Select all executions using check box.
  4. Navigate to Tools on the top right and select Copy to Cycle from the options.
  5. From the pop-up dialog "Bulk Copy to existing/new Cycle" you can now choose the Project/Version/Cycle to copy the executions to desired cycle as in picture Bulk_Copy.png