How to import an Entire Tree of Test Cases to Testcase release?

July 05, 2015


  1. Login to Zephyr.
  2. Select any project then click on the Testcase Creation module. 
  3. Select the release folder. Click on <- import icon.

  4. Add the map by entering the specified values to the available fields. Map the Zephyr fields with the valid Test case fields by entering the excel columns.

  5. Steps to create Job.
    1. Create a new job with name having below pattern as marked in the screenshot below-
    2. Column N is an excel column, which contains hierarchy details. Please view the excel sheet as per the screenshot attached in the configuration section mentioned below.
    3. token.start is explained in the configurations section.
    4. Run the job. After executing the job successfully the imported tree is created directly under release ( and not in imported folder).
    5. Logout and login again. Please note that imported tree will not be pushed if you are not logging in again.

  6. Now navigate back to the release folder. Here you can view the testcases imported in a tree structured format.


-> token.start is the level of hierarchy from which we want to import the tree. 

Ex :

  1. Consider if the tree is phase1\system1\subsystem1
    • If token.start is 0, then imported tree hierarchy would be phase\system1\subsystems1.
    • If token.start is 1 then imported tree will be system1\subsystem1.
  2. Default hierarchy path separator is "\" (given in Java as \\). It splits it as a string, not as regular expressions. It can be customized by setting "testcase.tree.seperator" property in jdbc properties.


Versions: 4.7