How to customize Zephyr field values?

April 07, 2014


I want to customize the field values in Zephyr. Can I do this?


Can I customize Zephyr field values?


Zephyr offers limited customization of some field values. Current values can be changed but you cannot remove or add additional items. The fields that can be customized are:


1) The Testcase Execution Status

2) The Testcase Priority

3) The user's type in Resource Management application

4) The Test Step Execution Status

5) The Requirement Priority


To customize any or all of these you need to Create a property file [Name:, case sensitive] can be dropped in %ZEPHYR_HOME%\tomcat\webapps\flex\WEB-INF\classes


[Sample Below]
resourceManagement.userType.LOV=1=Employee (FT);2=Employee(PT);3=Contractor;4=Temp;5=Intern
testresult.testresultStatus.LOV=10=Change Status;1=Pass;2=Fail;3=WIP;4=Blocked
testStepResult.testStepResultStatus.LOV=10=Change Status;1=Pass;2=Fail;3=WIP;4=Blocked

Once you drop the file, restart Zephyr Server and login as Manager.


Note: This customization is applicable until Zephyr Community/Enterprise Edition 4.6 Build#7993 & below.

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Title:                    Can I customize Zephyr field values?  

Product:               Enterprise Edition, Community Edition

Version:                4.6 Build#7993 & below

Summary:              I want to customize the field values in Zephyr. Can I do this?