How to create defects by making other issue types as default one?

July 04, 2019


Unable to get other issue types as default issue type (except bug) to create defects for failed test executions.


Always getting the bug as default issue type while creating new defect under Execution page.


Please follow the below steps to set default issue type-

  1. Login into JIRA.
  2. Select the project to which you need to set the default issue type.
  3. Click on <Administration>-><Issue Type>-><Edit Issue types>.
  4. Here under Modify Issue Type Scheme page set <Default Issue Type> to issue type of your wish. Then save it.(screenshot default_issue_type.png attached).
  5. Now navigate to Execution page and try to create a new defect, you will get an added default issue type.


Versions: from 2.5.2 on wards.