How to connect Zephyr to JIRA through a firewall

May 16, 2014


Integration not possible due to firewall configuration settings.


When a company uses the JIRA-Zephyr integration and hosts one instance on-premise and uses the cloud for the other, they will need to enable the following SOAP communication through their corporate firewall.


Zephyr uses JIRA's APIs and a Zephyr plug-in installed on the JIRA server to 
accomplish the integration between Zephyr and JIRA. When you enable web services 
through JIRA and install the plug-in, the following URLs become active and are 
accessed by Zephyr to post and get defects/chart metrics:

http(s)://<jiraserver address>:<port>/rpc/soap/jirasoapservice-v2
http(s)://<jiraserver address>:<port>/rpc/soap/zephyrsoapservice

Additionally, the port that JIRA is installed on will need to be visible to the Zephyr instance

You would need to work with your corporate IT to make sure that the on-premise server
is accessible from the Zephyr server. The Zephyr server in the cloud has a static IP address
that your IT folks can use to ensure that only that external IP has access to the on-premise JIRA server.

Contact Zephyr support if you need to know the IP address of a SaaS deployment of Zephyr.




Knowledge Document Information


Title:                      Windows instructions for making JIRA component not mandatory

Product:                 Enterprise Edition, Community Edition

Version:                 All

Summary:              Zephyr does not allow users to create defects because mandatory                                            fields are not available. Modifying the database to make these                                                  fields non-mandatory fixes the issue