How to capture a thread dump

May 16, 2014


Zephyr's threads are causing an issue on the server.


A thread dump can help troubleshoot certain specific issues happening in a service such as Zephyr and are sometimes required for troubleshooting issues


During an issue occurrence (before the machine is restarted), please take the time to capture the thread dump by:

1) Get the process ID of the tomcat service (Task Manager in Windows does this)

2) Download and extract 'pstools' from and place it in a local folder (ie C:\pstools)

3) As an Administrator user, Run:

C:\pstools\PsExec -s %PATH_TO_JDK%\bin\jstack.exe -l <Tomcat_Process_Id> > threaddump.txt

Email support the thread dump if requested.


Knowledge Document Information


Title:                      How to capture a thread dump

Product:                 Enterprise Edition, Community Edition

Version:                 All

Summary:              Support may request thread dumps, this is how they are performed                                            and at what times