How do I get the defects reports only for issue type bug (or other issue types)

August 04, 2015


I want to get reports only for issue type bug.


1) Navigate to Department->Defects Admin

2) Select 'Chart Options' under 'Preferences' tab. Find the row named 'jira.connector.issuetypes'. Change the default value to the value of the issue types you wish to see in your metrics. IE: 10001 [Bug]

Note: You need to go to your JIRA instance to get the exact ID of your desired issue type(s)

3) Set the row as active and click 'Save'

4) Now navigate to Overall Defect Distribution By Status. Here you can see the chart that displays all the statuses of the issue type 'Bug' and/or other desired issue types

Please refer the below screenshot for more details.

Knowledge Base Document Information:


Title:How do I get the reports only for issue type bug

Product: Zephyr EE/CE

Version: 4.7

Summary: Changes required in the defects admin section to get only the bug details in defects reports.