How do I configure the hierarchy separator in exported file.

July 01, 2015

How to configure hierarchy separator in exported file in Zephyr.

Fix:There are two ways to configure the separator value.
1.By Running the below Query against the database
UPDATE preference SET VALUE = '>>' WHERE NAME ='zephyr.export.hierarchy.separator'
Please note:In the above example '>>' value will be used to separate the hierarchy

2.By changing the value manually by logging into the database.
-Login to database by using any tools for example sqlyog
-Open the preference table.
-Change the value next to 'zephyr.export.hierarchy.separator'
-Save and refresh the database.

Knowledge Base Document Information:
Title:How to change the hierarchy separator in exported file.
Product: Zephyr EE/CE
Version: 4.7
Summary: Configure the hierarchy separator in export.