Getting Started with ZAPI Cloud

January 18, 2017


How to make API calls with ZAPI Cloud Installed


Installed ZAPI Cloud add - on and not sure how to proceed.


Follow the below steps to start using ZAPI Coud API's


Prerequisite : Installed ZAPI Cloud on the same JIRA Cloud instance where you have Zephyr for JIRA Cloud installed.

  • Navigate to Administration -> Add-ons and find the 'ZAPI' page in the 'Zephyr for JIRA Cloud' section


  • Click the 'Create System Key' button, enter any desired user name, and click the 'Submit' button to create it


  • The system key will have an Access Key and Secret Key associated to the user name you entered during creation. You can copy these from the ZAPI page         
  • Use the JWT generator published on Github to generate JWT tokens used for single calls  

JWT generator:
Source Code:
Note: Any JWT generator can be used. The above jar simply generates the JWT token and REST call at once

  • Use the generated token to make a call to ZAPI Cloud Beta. Below is an Example REST API call using Postman browser REST Client.

  • Note: For base URI please use

Useful Links

Interactive API Documentation:
JWT generator: