Export executions from Search Test Execution page giving the error- "Error in ExportExecution Process".

November 24, 2015


Getting the below error when trying to export the executions from the Search Test Execution page.

"Error in ExportExecution Process"


Please clear the Server cache by following the below steps-

1. Login JIRA as an administrator. 

2. Navigate to Add-ons.

3. Click on "General Configuration" option on the left panel below the "Zephyr for JIRA Cloud"  heading.

4. Click on "Clear Cache" button on the right side.

Knowledge Base Documentation-

Product : Zephyr for JIRA Cloud

Version :  1.8 final

Summary : Exporting executions from the Search Test Executions page in all format giving the error "Error in ExportExecution Process". But the same executions were exported successfully from Plan Test Cycle page without any issues.