Difference between Zephyr Community and Enterprise Edition.

May 04, 2015


What is the difference between Zephyr community and Zephyr Enterprise Edition.


Please read the below description.


The features that are turned off in ZCE or the ones that are available only in ZEE are:

1.Collaboration Application
2.Custom Reports : The community edition allows download of reports only in excel while for enterprise edition we have options in PDF too.
3.The Community Edition has only 1 project. The addition of new projects is only available in the Enterprise Edition.
4.Trend Data Collection .
5.Trend Reports.
6.Community Edition has only 10 users license.


Title          : Difference between Zephyr Community and Enterprise Edition.

Product     : Zephyr Community/Enterprise Edition.

Version     : For all version.

Summary  :  Zephyr Community Edition is our Zephyr Enterprise Editions little brother. It is the same product only it is free and has certain features turned off.