Defect Metrics do not appear in Metric and Reports Application

May 16, 2014


Testers are able to file defects into a defect tracking system from Zephyr but none of the projects show defect metrics in your Real Time Charts.


There are a few items that can be causing this to appear in Zephyr, see below


List of possible solutions:

1) Installed connector plugin

2) Confirmed API traffic is enabled in DTS

3) In Zephyr, under the Department View, go to project setup. There is a toggle to "Map external defect project:" on the bottom left hand corner of each project information screen. Choose your respective project in your external defect tracking system.

If your metrics still do not appear after follow the above steps, please contact support.



 Knowledge Document Information


Title:                      No Defect Metrics are not appearing on Metric Charts

Product:                 Enterprise Edition, Community Edition

Version:                 All

Summary:              Defect metrics are not appearing on charts. Troubleshoot steps will                                            help bring them into the charts