Creating An Issue from Capture

July 03, 2018

Users can create a comprehensive issues directly into the JIRA. And they can do this without ever leaving their web application.

1. Attaching to a New Issue

Users can Create an issue . This can be  done under the 'New Issue' tab in the Capture for JIRA browser extension.As they  select the project and the issue type, Capture for JIRA will update the issue creation form to reflect the same fields that are available in JIRA's new issue interface.Capture for JIRA also allows users to  attach screenshots and videos to the issue that they  are creating with the attach and paste function at the bottom right of the


Note: Users can create issues faster by using Templates and Variables to pre-fill information

2. Attaching to an Existing Issue

Users can attach a screenshot or video to an existing issue is completed under the 'Existing Issue' tab in the Capture for JIRA browser extension. Users can attach the screenshot or video to an issue by  using the 'Issue Key' and then they can add any additional comments when attaching to the issue if they want.


3. Creating Sub-Tasks:

An issue can also be raised as a sub-task by selecting a task issue type in the new issue form and you can use the "Linked Issues" drop-down list


Note:  For Enable Sub-task we need to start issues session

4. Contextual information for issues created using Capture for JIRA

When creating an issue using Capture for JIRA, useful contextual information is captured to assist in debugging the issue. This information can be viewed on the issue page.