"Connection Refused" error while using Importer utility

June 06, 2016

Issue:Connection refused error displayed in the pop up while trying to connect to importer.


Cause and Fix:

Below are few points that we would like to list out regards our importer tool

1.Our importer tool is an open source java utility tool
2.If an organization has proxy or firewalls or SSL certificates enabled we always suggest the customers to ask their internal network team to either give direct access or add the proxy for the importer tool utility .If its a proxy issue simply
try passing the proxy while launching the importer utility from command Interface and you will be able to access it easily

C:\java -jar -Dhttp.proxyHost=<proxy_hostname> -Dhttp.proxyPort=<proxy_port> zfj-importer-utility-0.38.jar

3.Please note although the customer may be able to access the JIRA url in their browser with the same proxy or SSL settings ,but it treats the URL entered in the importer utility as a separate entity and therefore we ask our customers to check with their local network team and explain the issue exactly and to make changes accordingly

For this and to provide the next steps we need the trace in the screenshot which is my engineer had asked for
1)Run command prompt as an administrator.

2) Now navigate to the Path where you have the importer jar file.

3) Run the below command.

$>java -jar zfj-importer-utility-0.38.jar

4) Enter the credentials as before then click on connect.

If still the above steps dont help kindly raise a ticket with Zephyr Support by using the option "Submit a Case" after logging into "support.getzephyr.com/hc/en-us"