Component, Version and Assignee fields are still showing mandatory in Zephyr 4.7

July 21, 2015


Zephyr prompts to add required fields like Component, Version and Assignee even tough Zephyr 4.7 should not require these fields any longer.


This feature is only available for the fresh installation on Zephyr 4.7 and fresh data created on it. Upgraded data will not be having this feature by default.


Please run the below query against your MySQL database to make required fields non mandatory as per your requirement.

UPDATE `field_config` SET `mandatory` = b'0' WHERE `id` = '270';

the ID can be one of three numbers:

270 – component 
271 – affectedVersion (for Version) 
273 - assignee

Knowledge Base Document Information:


Title:Component, Version and Assignee are still showing mandatory in Zephyr 4.7

Product: Zephyr EE/CE

Version: 4.7

Summary: An SQL query has to run against the upgraded data to make the fields non mandatory.