Change owner of ZQL filters in Zephyr for Jira Server version

November 11, 2015


If there are a few ZQL (Zephyr plugin) test execution filters in your environment, and if the owner of those filters is no more associated with the project/organization and you would like to change the ownership of those filters to new admins , you can change the owners of those filters from the database level


We strongly recommend you to first try the below queries out in your test instance and then do the same to production after verifying and confirming the changes.

/* Before start, Verify all the saved filters owned by this user*/
select * from AO_7DEABF_ZQLFILTER where created_by='fromUserKey' COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci ;

/* Find out user key by username */
SET @fromUserName = 'admin';
SET @toUserName = 'newadmin';
select @fromUserKey:=user_key from app_user where lower_user_name=@fromUserName COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci ;
select @toUserKey := user_key from app_user where lower_user_name=@toUserName COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci ;

/* Switch ownership to admin */
update AO_7DEABF_ZQLFILTER set created_by = @toUserKey where created_by = @fromUserKey COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci ;
update AO_7DEABF_ZQLFAVORITE_ASOC set user = @toUserKey where user= @fromUserKey COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci ;

SET @fromUserName = NULL;
SET @toUserName = NULL;
SET @fromUserKey = NULL;
SET @toUserKey = NULL;

While executing the above queries if you face any errors please contact Zephyr Support by submitting a ticket