Cannot find Zephyr desktop on brand new installation

May 07, 2014


Cannot find Zephyr desktop on brand new installation.


One of the possible cause is incorrect extension of license file.


This scenario is specifically for brand new installation.

1. Perform a basic sanity check that Zephyr database and server is running and all the ports needed by Zephyr are indeed available for Zephyr.
2. Open the Zephyr logs <Zephyr Root\tomcat\logs\xxstdout.xx.log>. Check for an entry similar to the following

ERROR [Thread-1] AssemblerUtil.convertExceptionToRuntimeException(124) | Logging Exception :
5225,Path Not Found, Please check license file location

3. If this error is seen verify that the license file name is of the format "license.lic" and is located in <Zephyr Root\license> folder. Make changes if it is of a different format or move it to the right folder accordingly

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Title:                       Cannot find desktop or 404 error on brand new installation     

Product:                  Enterprise Edition, Community Edition

Version:                   4.x

Summary:                Can Zephyr field values be customized to look better