Cannot execute test cases or add test cases to test cycles when 'Single user (Zephyr for JIRA Cloud)' user not added to their issue security level.

March 04, 2016


When user trying to add the testcase to the Test Cycle facing the below issues:

  • While adding from view issue page getting the error "error creating execution, please correct input and try again.
  • While adding from Plan Test Cycle page getting the error "You do not have permission to see the issue"

Cause :

Created testcase has the issue security level but to which 'Single user (Zephyr for JIRA Cloud)' user has not been added.


Add the 'Single user (Zephyr for JIRA Cloud)'  user to your issue security level as shown in the below screenshot. (Select your project-> Administration->Issue security->Actions->Edit Issue security).

Perform JIRA re-indexing then Zephyr for JIRA Cloud re-indexing. And clear the server cache. 

Now add the testcase to Test Cycle from both view issue page and Plan Testcycle page. You should not get the error.