Bug Fix Summary - 5.1

July 17, 2017

Below is a summary of the notable bug fixes present in the 5.1 release of Zephyr Enterprise coming from previous versions:

  1. Fixed usability issues with Internet Explorer
  2. Fixed visibility of notes and step text in testcases when viewing and not editing
  3. Fixed an issue where tags could be merged on upgrading to 5.0 from 4.X
  4. Adding assignments to Phases will not increment the count correctly when using Free-form browse options
  5. Can now correctly add multiple attachments at once
  6. License expiration pop-ups should now display correctly
  7. Mail will now be properly sent in Zephyr Enterprise Cloud
  8. Various tool-tip corrections across the board
  9. Cleaned up the Export window slightly
  10. Custom roles can now delete releases with the proper permissions
  11. Image attachments will no longer be chopped off
  12. Re-index should now show more accurate progress after large deletions
  13. Assign Testcases to Execute window will no longer be cutoff when using a zoomed-in browser view
  14. Added missing icon to test steps
  15. Fixed an issue where users could not drag requirements from the global tree to local
  16. Fixed an issue that prevented a deleted attachment from being added again
  17. Fixed time-stamp on imported folders
  18. Fixed various issues if JIRA was configured and became unreachable
  19. Requirements will now be mapped as expected when selecting the entire folder first
  20. Corrected error notification when mapping requirement folders with empty sub-folders
  21. Various improvements to the UX where screen space was being used inefficiently
  22. Fixed issue where imported folders would disappear and reappear
  23. Fixed issue when logging in shortly after closing browser
  24. Fixed ZBot logging issue
  25. Fixed issue for some specific project name combinations not allowing users to create JIRA defects in them
  26. Custom field dates should now show the correct dates
  27. Fixed an issue where all testcases were returned if no requirement mapping was present
  28. Defect links in JIRA will now delete properly if the link is deleted in Zephyr

Known Issues as of 5.1:

  1. Testcase coverage of previously viewed requirement sometimes flashes while testcases mapped to the currently selected requirement are being fetched. This refresh issue can also be seen for testcase.
  2. Sorting is not supported in Requirement Coverage Details
  3. Changes to an import map for testcase or requirement are not persisted. Workaround is to create a new map.
  4. Release name is showing as "Untitled" if Zephyr URL is copied and pasted to another tab or window of the same browser. Same behavior can be seen when user re-login after session timeout or navigate to Zephyr from a JIRA remote link. Workaround is to manually select the target release from the drop-down menu.
  5. Change gets automatically saved while removing tags using backspace. Workaround is to use the X mark that appears alongside each tag to remove it.
  6. Trend Data Collection History shows less number of records when page is reloaded using Refresh history button. Workaround is to close and re-open the History window.
  7. Unable to enter text in the JIRA filter search field when importing requirement from JIRA in Firefox browser. Workaround dis to select the desired filter from the pre-populated list.
  8. When user attempts to copy or move requirement within release tree, invalid action indicator is not shown
  9. Multi-page copy of move of testcase or requirements is not supported
  10. Multi-page bulk status update of testcases is not supported
  11. Indicator is showing as Move instead of Copy while dropping files to attach in IE11, even thought he correct action is done