Bug Fix Summary - 5.0.3

June 09, 2017

Below is a summary of the notable bug fixes present in the 5.0.3 release of Zephyr Enterprise coming from previous versions before 5.0.2

  1. Defect gadgets for dashboard now show updated information in real time.
  2. User Image is now shown in Project Summary page if configured.
  3. Last successful login time stamp is now displayed in resource management module.
  4. Fixed display of special characters in test execution.
  5. Fixed export failure in test planning and test executions.
  6. Fixed inability to create defect if JIRA priority field is hidden in JIRA screen configuration.
  7. Testcases from other projects can now be copied using drag-and-drop without holding "Ctrl" key.
  8. Copy imported folder of testcases or requirements to release by drag-and-drop without holding "Ctrl" key.
  9. Added ability to select multiple test cases/executions/requirements by holding "Shift" key.
  10. Tree node in test executions can now be expanded using single click.

Known Issues as of 5.0.3

  1. Defect count in daily pulse gadget for dashboard will not include defects with no priority.
  2. Unmapping of testcase from requirements does not work from Requirements module. Workaround is go to testcase to unmap.
  3. The indicator on the node in testcase-requirement and requirement-testcase pages sometimes do not reflect the real status.
  4. Unable to create or update a release or project if JIRA is not reachable. Workaround is make sure that JIRA is up and running and reachable by Zephyr.
  5. Column preference is not persisted.
  6. Sorting across multiple pages is not supported. Sort works on per-page basis only.
  7. Drag-and-drop of attachment is not supported in Internet Explorer. Workaround is to browse and select the local file.