API Sample - Get Testcases by Criteria (Java)

February 27, 2015

Attached code searches for testcase(s) by a given criteria. In this sample, it uses the 'tcrCatalogTreeId' which is the ID of the folder the testcase(s) are in. Can return 0 or many testcases depending on how many are in the folder. Code extends a login method defined in another class. That login class is also included in the attached sample.

See attached for downloadable copy

Zephyr Enterprise/Community Javadocs : http://support.yourzephyr.com/api_help/4.7/javadocs/index.html

Sourced software:

- Java

- Zephyr Socket Server Library 4.6.X+


Title:  API Sample - Update Execution with Results (Java)

Product:  Zephyr Enterprise, Community

Version:  4.6.X+

Summary:  Adds execution status to scheduled execution in TCE