After restoring the JIRA backup the Zephyr for JIRA re-index the cursor just spins and nothing seems to happen.

November 11, 2015


In case you performed the below tasks or observed the below behavior follow the steps mentioned in "Fix"

* If you restored the database in JIRA from one of the backups that JIRA does automatically twice a day and shortly thereafter you notice in ZEPHYR that when you try to execute, the page wouldn't load (Internal Server Error - 500).

*After the JIRA back up restore if you try Zephyr for JIRA re index the cursor just spins and nothing seems to happen.

 *Also tried rebuilding the JIRA index first and then the Zephyr index but nothing seems to resolve in Zephyr.



Please delete the Zephyr for JIRA indexes manually by following the below steps.


1) Stop your JIRA server 
2) Navigate to %JIRA Home%->caches->indexes. 
3) Delete the JEEntity folder (this is where the Zephyr for JIRA indexes are located) 
4) Start the JIRA server 
5) Re index Zephyr for JIRA from the JIRA UI like as usual.


Knowledge Base Information:

Product : Zephyr for JIRA

Version : All

Summary : After rebuilding the Zephyr index, you will be able to execute the testcases.