TestComplete Sample Projects

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TestComplete 12.50 TestComplete 12.42 and earlier

TestCompete 12.50 Samples

TestComplete 12.50 and later is bundled with basic sample projects only. You can download more samples below.

  How to install?
Download the installation package and run it. Follow the instructions in the installation wizard.
  Where to find?
Once installed, the samples are in the following folder:

<Users>\Public\Public Documents\TestComplete 12 Samples
  What’s inside?

The package includes projects that demonstrate various aspects TestComplete you can use to create and run automated tests for desktop, web, and mobile applications.

  •   Common
    1. Data-driven testing
    2. Distributed testing
    3. Event handling
    4. Manual testing
    5. Microsoft Office: Access, Excel, Outlook, Word
    6. Optical character recognition (OCR)
    7. Storages
    8. Test log
    9. User forms
    10. Web service testing
    11. Web service checkpoints
  •   Desktop Samples
    1. Basic functionality
    2. Checkpoints: Database Table, File, Property, Region, Table, and XML checkpoints
    3. Coverage testing
    4. Low-level testing
    5. Running tested applications
    6. Unit testing
    7. Using .NET classes
    8. Working with grids
  •   Web Samples
    1. Web Accessibility and Web Comparison checkpoints
    2. Open application samples
    3. Web testing: processing blocked content messages, cross-browser testing
  •   Mobile Samples
    1. Mobile open application samples for Android and iOS
    2. Mobile sensor samples for Android and iOS
    3. Xamarin.Forms
Download Samples


TestComplete 12.42 and earlier

In TestComplete 12.42 and earlier, the sample projects are bundled with the product. You can find them in the following folder after you install TestComplete:

<Users>\Public\Public Documents\TestComplete 12 Samples

If you use TestComplete version earlier than 12.0, replace 12 in the path with the major TestComplete version you have.