TestComplete Support Plug-In for Jenkins

Downloading the Plug-In

Your download should start automatically in a few seconds. If it has not yet started for some reason, click the following link:

Download TestComplete Support Plug-In for Jenkins

Installation Notes

After you downloaded the plug-in, you need to install it in Jenkins:

  1. Copy the plug-in file to your Jenkins’ master computer.
  2. Open the Jenkins page in your web browser.
  3. In Jenkins, go to Manage Jenkins > Manage Plugins, then switch to the Advanced tab.
  4. In the Upload Plugin section, specify the TestComplete Support plug-in file (TestComplete-1.5.hpi) and click Upload:

  5. Wait until the installation is over. After the installation succeeds, you will see the plug-in in the Jenkins plug-in list:

Using the Plug-In

You can find detailed information on using the plug-in in TestComplete documentation:
TestComplete Integration With Jenkins