Automating Test Launching

Applies to CrossBrowserTesting SaaS, last modified on January 10, 2023

The CrossBrowserTesting App can handle automatically launching tests if given proper URLs. In fact, that is how we handle calls to Run Again or Run Live Test from within the app. Here is the URL structure and what you need to know to generate your own auto-launching links:

Live tests

Screenshot tests

A closer look at the URL parameters:


The URL you want the browser to launch for testing. (should be URL-encoded; in the above example, :// is replaced with %3A%2F%2F because those characters are not a standard part of a URL).


This is how the app knows to automatically launch the test. Must be set to 'true'.

browser (Live Tests)

The browser you want to run the test against. This parameter can be used to provide OS/device, browser type & version, as well as resolution. The API call to list browsers is one way to get the api_names for each configuration.

Format: os_api_name|browser_api_name|resolution

browser_list_name (Screenshot Tests)

The name of a preset list of browsers you have created for your account. You can use "Popular Browsers" which is a system level browser list available to all users.

Note: If a user is not logged in when accessing an auto-launch link, the user will be taken to a login form before continuing. A browser_list_name must belong to the account logged in or the primary account holder.

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