Working With Local HTML Files

Applies to CrossBrowserTesting SaaS, last modified on September 13, 2021

An encrypted tunnel is created between your machine and CrossBrowserTesting. A small web server is also temporarily run by this tunnel. Requests for the domain http://local/ will be directed to this temporary web server which is running on your machine. You will specify the root directory that this web server is pointed to.

When running a Live Test, Screenshot Test, or Selenium Test

  • Entering http://local/ will access the directory index of the folder specified during setup.

  • Entering http://local/yourfile.html will access the yourfile.html page in the directory.

Only requests for http://local/ will be sent to this temporary web server. Any other requests for domains will be sent directly to the web site.

Requirements and limitations

  • Outbound ssh requests to port 443, SSL on must be allowed via your firewall.

Note: The Java tunnel options are deprecated and will not be supported in the near future.

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