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Collaborator 101

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  • New Dates Coming Soon!

SmartBear Academy 101 bi- monthly training sessions are hosted by Collaborator Sales Engineer.  Theses free getting started sessions cover the basics of getting started with Collaborator.

What you will learn: 

• Code Review Benefits. 
• Best Practices of Code Review.
• Getting the Most out of Collaborator.

Collaborator 201 & 301

Upcoming Classes

  • 201: New Dates Coming Soon!
  • 301: Mar. 1, 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM EST | Register here

SmartBear Academy 201 and 301 quarterly training sessions are hosted by the Collaborator team. We recommend customers attend the monthly Collaborator 101 Training prior to attending these sessions.

What you will learn:

• SCMs, pre-commit reviews, post commit reviews, and the difference. 
• Create a review, walk through the basic workflow, explain inspection/rework. 
• Metrics generated by the review, and why they matter. 
• ... and much more