ccollab admin trigger ensure-reviewed

Applies to Collaborator 14.5, last modified on June 13, 2024


Use the ensure-reviewed trigger to ensure that the review that was created for the specified changelist has been completed by the time you submit the changelist to the repository. If the review has not been completed, the trigger blocks the submit operation and displays an error message informing the user about the problem.

Command Line Syntax

ccollab [global-options] admin trigger ensure-reviewed [--ignore-integrate] [--review-id-regex <value>] <changelist-id>

Command Options






The changelist identifier.



(Perforce only.) If specified, Collaborator ignores the merge changes to the source control (that is, the trigger is not fired for these changes).

--review-id-regex <value>


A regular expression that identifies the review ID in the commit is comment.

See Version Control specific description - Perforce, Subversion and Git.

This trigger ensures that a Review has been completed before changes can be committed to version control.

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