ccollab admin batch

Applies to Collaborator 13.9, last modified on November 04, 2021


Use the ccollab admin batch command to process multiple commands with one connection.

Command Line Syntax

ccollab [global-options] admin batch <commands-file>

Command Options






File containing commands in XML format, or "-" to read from STDIN


  • Running multiple commands in batch form ensures that the 'last' review and defect variables stay consistent, even if there are multiple concurrent invocations of the client. It is also easier to encode non-ASCII characters in XML.
  • Global Options specified in the XML override the current Global Options.
  • Command options should be given without the leading double-dash. Both option and argument values are given as text values inside elements. For option and argument elements that can accept multiple values, specify a new element for each value.
  • Run ccollab help batch-xml for the full XML Schema accepted by this command. See full XML Schema (CTRL + click, or CMD + click to open in new window).

Example XML file







        <upload-comment>These are my latest changes!</upload-comment>














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