ccollab addsvndiffs

Applies to Collaborator 14.5, last modified on June 13, 2024


The ccollab addsvndiffs command uploads differences between arbitrary versions of files in Subversion. The differences are generated using the native svn diff command of Subversion.

Command Line Syntax

ccollab [global-options] addsvndiffs [--upload-comment <value>] <review> [<user-diff-arg> [<user-diff-arg> ...]]

Command Options




--upload-comment <value>


Comment used to upload files (defaults to command-line arguments)



Identifier of the desired review (an integer number), or a new, ask, or last keyword. Where keywords define the following behaviour:

  • new - the command will create a new review,
  • ask - the command will pause execution and prompt for the identifier of the desired review,
  • last - the command will use the last review that was created on the current machine via Command-Line Client (that is, it does not know about reviews created elsewhere).

<user-diff-arg> [<user-diff-arg> ...]


Command-line arguments to pass directly to the diff command


Do not use diff arguments that affect the diff output such as --diff-cmd, -x [--extensions], --summarize, or --non-interactive. The Collaborator command-line client will automatically select an output format that ensures you will get all the data you need on the server.


ccollab addsvndiffs 698 -r 2:16

ccollab addsvndiffs new -r PREV http://my.svn.server/svn/repo

ccollab addsvndiffs 698 -c 10534 src/java

ccollab addsvndiffs new OLDURL[@OLDREV] NEWURL[@NEWREV]

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