ccollab addchangelist (for AccuRev)

Applies to Collaborator 14.0, last modified on June 30, 2022


The ccollab addchangelist command attaches all files from a submitted AccuRev changelist (transaction) to a review on the Collaborator server.

Command Line Syntax

ccollab [global-options] addchangelist <review> <changelist> [<changelist> ...]

Command Options






A number of global or AccuRev-specific global options. See Command-line Global Options Reference.



Identifier of the desired review (an integer number), or a new, ask, or last keyword. Where keywords define the following behaviour:

  • new - the command will create a new review,
  • ask - the command will pause execution and prompt for the identifier of the desired review,
  • last - the command will use the last review that was created on the current machine via Command-Line Client (that is, it does not know about reviews created elsewhere).

<changelist> [<changelist> ...]


Identifier(s) of the desired changeset(s) in your source control.


To upload Transactions t4321 and t7568 to a new review:

ccollab addchangelist new 4321 7568

To upload Transactions t5432 and t12654 to review 111:

ccollab addchangelist 111 5432 12654

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