Version 14.x

Applies to Collaborator 14.1, last modified on November 18, 2022

This topic describes the changes made to Collaborator 14.x. For information on the changes made to other versions of the product, see Version History.

14.1.14100 - October 5, 2022

New Features:
  • Implement Diffs Calculation on word level for Excel over current logic (COLLAB-9530)

  • Ability to un-accept conversations. Now user can un-accept conversation, that was accepted by him/her by mistake (COLLAB-8398)

  • Add to ccollab addchangelist option to include/exclude certain files by masks. Feature allows to control (with the help of new exclude/include options, based on file masks) which files from changelist should not be uploaded to review materials (COLLAB-8297)

  • Reduce displaying time for large Excel spreadsheet in Diff Viewer (COLLAB-9556)
  • Add some DB indexes to fresh installation. Indexes were added to Activity, Defect, Userversionaction tables for new installations of Collaborator (COLLAB-9541)
  • JSON API improvements and extensions: users

    Check if user has an access to the reviews (COLLAB-9477)

    Ability to get the list of logged-in users using JSON API (COLLAB-8015)

    API that returns ID of the latest review (COLLAB-6870)

    API to get/update fields placed on Admin/System/External Clients page (COLLAB-6867)

    API command to get list of user's Author, File, Template subscriptions (COLLAB-6339)

  • Make enabled/disabled states of Add participants button more clear (COLLAB-9262)
  • Show Git commit hash in version description in Diff Viewer instead of Git file hash (COLLAB-9109)
Bug Fixes:
  • Jira config "Test Connection" successful with no password/token (COLLAB-9561)
  • Comparison contract violation in findReviewsByIdsForUser (COLLAB-9555)
  • The difference in a Excel cell with colored background is not highlighted if it was updated (COLLAB-9501)
  • Security Vulnerabilities (Outdated version of Lodash, Missing Content Security Policy, Password Autocomplete Enabled) (COLLAB-9517)
  • Different time stamps and hashes for same revision in different parts of Web UI (COLLAB-9370)
  • Correct features available in the Admin panel for Community Edition (COLLAB-9122)
  • Command Prompt Client displays Enterprise by default (COLLAB-9045)
  • Aspose conversion error: footnotes (COLLAB-8149)
  • Automatic creation of produces old settings (COLLAB-7365)
  • Aspose: Range of AutoFilter is not valid (COLLAB-6873)
  • Conversion of PPTX pins Collab CPU (COLLAB-6224)
  • The String(Multi-line) values is still set to 4000 (COLLAB-6136)
  • Collaborator does not show a relevant message when files larger than the truncate-size are uploaded (COLLAB-3907)
  • Make links properly linkified for doors:// URI (COLLAB-1359)

14.0.14004 - September 23, 2022

Bug Fixes:
  • Bitbucket SaaS: review can have only 10 commits from PR (COLLAB-9590)
  • After content cache archive, version table overwritten when attempting access to archived content (COLLAB-9588)

14.0.14003 - September 09, 2022

  • Replace [] in filenames of DOORS archives and nested files by () (COLLAB-9567)
Bug Fixes:
  • Review Report with Custom Field fails on MS SQL (COLLAB-9542)

14.0.14002 - August 31, 2022

  • Support upload DOORS archives with '[' and ']' characters in the file name (COLLAB-9540)
Bug Fixes:
  • BitBucket Configuration: App Password Error (COLLAB-9528)
  • Backslash character in dump file is not recognized when preserved when read in (COLLAB-9527)
  • The chat section text field has a wrong markup in Firefox browser (COLLAB-9479)
  • GitHub files with size > 1Mb are empty (COLLAB-9554)

14.0.14001 - July 27, 2022

  • Logic of DocumentConversionService.getConversionTask was reworked to avoid synchronized locks (COLLAB-9466)
  • Optimize SQL queries to Activities table (COLLAB-9482)
  • JSON API to find user by user's attributes (COLLAB-9491)
  • Rollback all changes in Excel after 13.10 and then add caching to improve performance (COLLAB-9493)
Bug Fixes:
  • Review hang up on XLSX file without error messages in log (COLLAB-9397)
  • Hung review: spreadsheet cell locator promotion (COLLAB-9433)
  • New Collaborator client can't log in (COLLAB-9437)

Please notice that improvement, that provides more precise diffs calculation for Excel files, and was provided in the scope of Collaborator 13.11 release (tickets COLLAB-8773, COLLAB-9204), is temporary disabled in this patch.

14.0.14000 - June 30, 2022

New Features:
  • Review of DOORS Classic documents The new feature allows review in Collaborator DOORS Classic documents, exported from DOORS environment to HTML presentation, and then uploaded to Collaborator. All major features for review are available (comments, bug, diffs calculation. In addition, we are providing add-on for DOORS, that allow to create review directly from DOORS environment. (COLLAB-3672, COLLAB-9166)

  • SAML SSO. New assertion attribute for Phone number added (works in the same way as Role, Department, etc. assertion attributes) (COLLAB-9400)
  • Prevent accidental adding huge number of participants/reviews to review/project. If user tries to add more than 20 participant s to review at once, Collaborator asks for confirmation to avoid accidental addition to many participants, what can cause issues with review. The same check was implemented for addition reviews to a project. (COLLAB-8556)
  • ‘Email All’ behavior was changes. For the case, when the length of list of recipients doesn’t exceed 2000 characters , Collaborator uses native email client, setup on users' PC (e.g., Outlook). Otherwise, internal Collaborator UI for email sending is used. For the the later case ability to edit recipients was added. (COLLAB-9185)

  • Phase of project is displayed by default in the project list(COLLAB-9176)
Bug Fixes:
  • Broken integration Ecplise-RTC: addchangelist doesn't work (COLLAB-9467)
  • File Not Found Exception during GitLab Merge Request (COLLAB-9448)
  • "Go to next location" button doesn't work correctly (COLLAB-9447)
  • NPE in ModuleFixedLicenseTracker.getSeatsAmount (COLLAB-9430)
  • Error during display of Simulink license page (COLLAB-9240)
  • Command-line client doesn't notify about the certificate issue giving a NPE instead (COLLAB-8752)
  • Perforce: Error checking access permission: Unrecognized Access Level 'owner' (COLLAB-5803)

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