Version 11.0

Applies to Collaborator 14.5, last modified on June 13, 2024


This topic describes the changes made to Collaborator 11.0. For information on the changes made to other versions of the product, see Version History.

11.0.11000 - March 7, 2017

New Features
  • GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket

    In this release we are introducing support for GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket. Our integration support allows for users to easily create Collaborator reviews whenever a pull request is initiated. In addition to creating the review, Collaborator can merge the pull request or close its branch once the Collaborator review is completed. Finally, we’ve made it easier to add repositories by basing their management off of webhooks.

    See Repository Hosting Service Integrations

  • Custom Syntax Highlighting Schemes

    Collaborator has always supported syntax highlighting for a number of languages. However, this latest release adds the ability to create custom syntax highlighting schemes. This change now allows Collaborator to support syntax highlighting for any language. To learn how to create custom syntax highlighting schemes, read Syntax Highlighting.

  • Document Review Improvements

    In Collaborator 11.0, users can now Pan, Zoom and Scroll using their mouse. The addition of these features makes reviewing both documents and images easier and more intuitive. Diff Viewer was reworked to support these mouse actions.

  • Hide Files Under Review

    Often times changelists include files that do not necessarily need to be reviewed. Though they do not need to be reviewed, they are still part of an atomic changelist and cannot be deleted from the review. Hide Files allows users to selectively determine which files are displayed on the Review Screen. Read, Hiding Files From Review to learn how to use this feature.

More improvements:
  • Collaborator now support file paths up to 1024 characters long. Earlier versions have file path limitation of 255 characters. (COLLAB-1459)

  • Triggers > Executable and Triggers > Parameters fields now can be up to 1024 and 2048 characters long, respectively. (COLLAB-1692)

  • Upgrade pdfbox library to 2.0.4 (COLLAB-2115)

  • A new VM option that instructs Collaborator to use LIKE predicate instead of REGEXP_LIKE predicate in queries to Oracle database. REGEXP_LIKE predicate works slower and may cause performance issues on large Oracle databases. (COLLAB-2543)

Bug Fixes
  • fixed - Remove "abandon" DB options added as part of the upgrade to Tomcat 8 (COLLAB-2545)

  • fixed - Tomcat 8 is scanning all files in the content-cache, causing extended server start times (COLLAB-2544)

  • fixed - Running ccollab admin group sync causes NPE in 10.2 (COLLAB-2430)

  • fixed - Impossible to save state for "Restrict Access to Review" option (COLLAB-2340)

  • fixed - Problem with navigating between Review Materials and Diff Viewer (COLLAB-2317)

  • fixed - JSON API should create only one changeset when multiple files changed (COLLAB-2313)

  • fixed - "Newline" replaced with '#13;#10;' after migration (COLLAB-2304)

  • fixed - Multi-select custom fields do not list all selected values (COLLAB-2242)

  • fixed - External Diff Launcher crashes with "java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError" (COLLAB-2236)

  • fixed - Long defect text and multiple defect custom fields can push the General Info page's bounds out of the browser's window (COLLAB-2210)

  • fixed - "ccollab addchangelist ask" cannot authenticate (COLLAB-2194)

  • fixed - Remove redundant log error message from RemoteSytemTrigger (COLLAB-2179)

  • fixed - CLI 'ccollab addfiles' sends notification to 'Author' (COLLAB-2176)

  • fixed - Typo "You are pocked" in VS Extension (COLLAB-2173)

  • fixed - Github: Upgrade to 10.1 produces exception when completing review (COLLAB-2151)

  • fixed - RTC: Link between RTC and Collab Review (COLLAB-2140)

  • fixed - 'Admin > General > Select Group Prompt:' should be depreciated (COLLAB-2003)

  • fixed - Client installer fail to install CCRC jars (COLLAB-1991)

  • fixed - Collaborator does not clean store-*.zip temporary files (COLLAB-1970)

  • fixed - Improper diff variable values for PTC (COLLAB-1966)

  • fixed - addgitdiffs added "(none)" Author to "Review materials section" (COLLAB-1947)

  • fixed - Multiple authors do not receive notifications (COLLAB-1890)

  • fixed - Delete button is still enabled after files are uploaded as separate changelists/upload processes. (COLLAB-1869)

  • fixed - Detailed report does not retrieve conversation (COLLAB-1868)

  • fixed - VS Extension: Use the command line client instead of the GUI client (COLLAB-1862)

  • fixed - Collab GUI client cannot connect to server via HTTP proxy (COLLAB-1840)

  • fixed - ccollab admin review-xml wrong metrics (COLLAB-1681)

  • fixed - DiffViewer: Performance issue in case "wrap lines" unchecked and enabled "Synchronize Scrolling" (COLLAB-1595)

  • fixed - Author is not notified when review is completed in case of minimal notification level (COLLAB-1561)

  • fixed - Detailed Report: Add a new report to Defect Log section (COLLAB-1543)

  • fixed - RTC: Separate view shows changelist(s) twice (COLLAB-1533)

  • fixed - Do not allow to duplicate Group Name (COLLAB-1493)

  • fixed - Improve messaging to user that an upload has failed (COLLAB-1456)

  • fixed - Subscriptions mode does not work correct (COLLAB-1444)

  • fixed - LOC does not correctly consider after the changes (delete or change lines). (COLLAB-1416)

  • fixed - Customizable Review Reports retrieve wrong LOCs (Changed, removed, added, modified) (COLLAB-1315)

  • fixed - Reviewer receives notifications when in "Active" state (COLLAB-1270)

  • fixed - Long review title pushes edit buttons off the screen to the right (COLLAB-1267)

  • fixed - Eclipse: Inconsistent behavior of Delete/Cancel/Reopen review button in Eclipse. (COLLAB-1186)

  • fixed - LOC (Changed) is not calculated in "Detailed Report" (COLLAB-1184)

  • fixed - LOC not matching between review materials, diff viewer and reports (COLLAB-650)

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