Version 10.0.10000

Applies to Collaborator 14.5, last modified on April 18, 2024


This topic describes the changes made to Collaborator 10.0.10000. For information on the changes made to other versions of the product, see Version History.

New Features
  • Using a brand new Collaborator extension for Microsoft Visual Studio, you can create and participate in Collaborator reviews directly from within the Visual Studio IDE. The extension installs into the Community, Professional and Enterprise editions of Visual Studio 2015 and 2013. The extension uses a stand-alone installer that is available for download from our web site:

  • SmartBear now offers three Collaborator editions making it more suitable and affordable for teams of different sizes:

    • Collaborator Community (formerly named CodeReviewer) is intended for small developer teams,

    • Collaborator Team is for medium teams, and

    • Collaborator Enterprise is for large enterprise-level companies.

    For complete information on differences between the editions, see the comparison page.

  • Improved GitHub support:

    • Collaborator now allows viewing the whole changes history in uploaded files. You can use the Diff Viewer to look through the GitHub change lists to find out the upload history and browse differences between all versions. See User Preferences to learn about different modes of the Diff Viewer.

    • If you encounter any issues while working with GitHub, you can now check the log to find out the GitHub version and API endpoint information for current connection and use it for troubleshooting.

    • Reviews created for push requests now have a link to the appropriate commit. In earlier versions of the product, only "pull request" reviews had such a link.

  • Enhanced Rational Team Concert support:

    • Added support for Rational Team Concert 6.0.1.

    • The Collaborator plugin for Eclipse adds two new context menu items to the Work Items view. They help you easily add files and folders associated with a work item and its child items to a review.

    • Now you can also have reviews created automatically on WorkItem status change, and attach changelists to them later.

  • Support for gated check-ins in Team Foundation Server. Collaborator 10.0 offers two triggers that help you ensure that a review is started or completed for each changelist. See Gated Check-in Triggers for details.

  • Easier navigation in Diff Viewer. In earlier versions of the product, scrolling worked only within the current page of PDF and Word documents. To switch between pages, you had to use buttons at the bottom of Diff Viewer. Now, scrolling works throughout the entire document which makes navigation faster and easier a lot.

  • More improvements:

    • You can view and edit reviews' checklists in Eclipse now.

    • Added support for Subversion 1.9.3.

    • Now it is possible to obtain the list of Collaborator users and groups through API.

    • Added new --pref-dir global option which allows to specify a custom location of Collaborator¬†configuration files.

    • Users who are using a deprecated --use-legacy-api command-line argument will be notified about this at the review creation time.

Discontinued Support

The Collaborator GUI Client no longer supports the TLS v1.0 protocol.

Bug Fixes
  • fixed - Collaborator Server did not delete some data on reviews when a user deleted these reviews (COLLAB-585)

  • fixed - Collaborator displayed an incorrect message when a user trying viewing a file that had been deleted from a review (COLLAB-648)

  • fixed - An exception occurred in ccollab.exe when the --user command-line argument was specified and the Collaborator Server used SSL connections (COLLAB-732)

  • fixed - If a user uploaded several Rational Team Concert changesets and one of them was empty, the entire upload failed (COLLAB-813)

  • fixed - ccollab permits login with an incorrect password, if earlier logins were successful (COLLAB-1140, COLLAB-1676)

  • fixed - Collaborator formed an incorrect link for adding a bug to an external issue tracker (COLLAB-1212)

  • fixed - An exception occurred when files from JGit 4 were added to a review (COLLAB-1252)

  • fixed - The Review screen did not display Unicode symbols correctly (COLLAB-1304)

  • fixed - The ccollab addhgdiffs command did not work (COLLAB-1308)

  • fixed - Collaborator's Diff Viewer failed detecting certain changes in files and did not highlight them (COLLAB-1474)

  • fixed - The Diff Viewer did not render some PDF files correctly (COLLAB-1525)

  • fixed - GitHub integration: the Diff Viewer's list of revisions could differ from the list of uploaded versions (COLLAB-1425)

  • fixed - GitHub integration: if you created a pull request and a review after merging change from the main branch to your branch, the review also included the "merged" files from the main branch (COLLAB-1506)

  • fixed - If you uploaded the same changeset or a shelveset from Team Foundation System 2015 twice, Collaborator saw files in them as different files (COLLAB-1572)

  • fixed - The Collaborator GUI Client installer copied TFS support libraries to a wrong directory. This caused certain issues with adding shelvesets to reviews (COLLAB-1672)

  • fixed - The drag-and-drop file functionality did not work in Internet Explorer 10 and 11 (COLLAB-1296)

  • fixed - An attempt to upload files to a review page open in Internet Explorer 9-11 could make the review page inactive (COLLAB-1619)

  • fixed - Upgrading Collaborator to a newer version changed the SSL port number in server settings (COLLAB-1626)

  • fixed - Some actions with Perforce changelists required administrator permissions (COLLAB-1627)

  • fixed - Collaborator did not support Unicode symbols in review dumps (COLLAB-1632)

  • fixed - In certain cases, ccollab.exe did not display the debug window (COLLAB-1662)

  • fixed - The Diff Viewer dialog did not display unsupported file types correctly (COLLAB-1801)

  • fixed - In certain cases, users could see a blank screen when logging in to Collaborator (COLLAB-1718)

  • fixed - Scm config was html escaped while saving new scm in database (COLLAB-1812)

  • fixed - Addon for Perforce Visual Tool could open GUI client instead of "Add Changelist to Review" dialog (COLLAB-1550)

  • fixed - Add defect state to the Detailed Report (COLLAB-1404)

  • fixed - Typo in the result of "ccollab admin review create" (COLLAB-1554)

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