Version 9.5.9500

Applies to Collaborator 14.6, last modified on July 10, 2024

This topic describes the changes made to Collaborator 9.5.9500. For information on the changes made to other versions of the product, see Version History.

  • added - Integration with Single Sign-On servers (COLLAB-361)

  • added - JIRA integration was improved to comply with JIRA 7 API (COLLAB-1402)

  • fixed - Updated Apache Tomcat server to version 8.0.28 to resolve a number of performance and security issues (COLLAB-583)

  • fixed - DiffViewer: Previous diff showing in HTML code for review sourced from JIRA (COLLAB-1477)

  • fixed - ccollab admin review edit command for custom field changes group to "All Users" (COLLAB-1451)

  • fixed - ccollab adddiffs does not work because of JSON API issue (COLLAB-1450)

  • fixed - Doubled pushpins with wrong locations between uploaded material's versions (COLLAB-1446)

  • fixed - StringIndexOutOfBoundsException being thrown from GitHub event handler (COLLAB-1440)

  • fixed - Wrong child group reflection in participant drop-down (COLLAB-1434)

  • fixed - "ccollab admin review edit --deadline" successfully executed with '0' in the admin settings of the UI (COLLAB-1426)

  • fixed - Server cannot be upgraded to 9401 because of pushpin issue (COLLAB-1421)

  • fixed - MKSAPI.JAR contains an unsupported version of Apache HttpClient (COLLAB-1420)

  • fixed - Client cannot parse the "p4 -G change -o" output if it contains Perforce's additional messages (COLLAB-1414)

  • fixed - IllegalStateException raised when running a diagnostic (COLLAB-1403)

  • fixed - Participant’s filter does not correctly show an account with a blank space in the “Full name” field (COLLAB-1397)

  • fixed - Review custom fields of Multi Select type are not highlighted (COLLAB-1374)

  • fixed - "ccollab admin review finish ask" does not work properly (COLLAB-1363)

  • fixed - Cannot execute addchangelist if password is omitted (COLLAB-1340)

  • fixed - CMVC, StarTeam, Surround, VSS and Vault support with older clients is broken on the server (COLLAB-1334)

  • fixed - JSON API: UserService: login values are case insensitive (COLLAB-1327)

  • fixed - Add "HTTPOnly" marker in the browsers session cookie (COLLAB-1243)

  • fixed - Add "Secure" marker in the browsers session cookie (COLLAB-1242)

  • fixed - "--restrict-access" parameter does not work with JSON API (COLLAB-1214)

  • fixed - Wrong groupId="1" in review then creating review via GUI Client (COLLAB-1143)

  • fixed - Edit button is grayed for uncompleted reviews (COLLAB-629)

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