Version 9.3.9300

Applies to Collaborator 14.6, last modified on July 10, 2024

This topic describes the changes made to Collaborator 9.3.9300. For information on the changes made to other versions of the product, see Version History.

  • added - Completed reviews can now be archived to Zip. (COLLAB-1105)

  • added - The style of coordinate comments and defects (pushpins) have been changed. Now the pushpins display an integer number in their head: The number corresponds to the order in which that pushpin was added to the document page or image. (COLLAB-1179)

    Note: During the upgrade to Collaborator 9.3 all in-progress reviews have been updated and their pushpins (if any) were numbered. Converting only in-progress reviews during the upgrade, ensures that upgrading the server to 9.3 does not take too long. To append ordinal numbers to pushpins in all completed reviews, your administrators can use the respective command in the Diagnostic Utility. (This however may take some time to accomplish.)
  • added - Collaborator News panel in the WebUI. (COLLAB-1104) This panel displays news, release announcements, webinar invitations and other information from the SmartBear.

  • added - AES-256 encryption for database and LDAP passwords. (COLLAB-1077)

  • added - Send notification to the administrator when a user access was denied due to license limit. (COLLAB-985)

  • added - Support for Oracle 12c database. (COLLAB-1121)

  • added - Support for Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2015. (COLLAB-1144)

  • added - Support for Microsoft Windows 10 (both server and client components of Collaborator). (COLLAB-1095)

  • added - Support for Microsoft Edge browser in Web Client. (COLLAB-1096)

  • fixed - Changes of document(s) uploaded to a review were not highlighted. (COLLAB-1145)

  • fixed - JIRA Configuration did not remove the trailing slash from Server URI. (COLLAB-1138)

  • fixed - Git's "The file will have its original line endings in your working directory." message was not ignored. (COLLAB-1107)

  • fixed - Collaborator did not apply the ASCII expansion to Perforce wildcards. (COLLAB-1103)

  • fixed - JSON API was not implemented for the "ccollab admin review-xml" command. (COLLAB-1084)

  • fixed - Customer's completed reviews showed the "overdue" status. (COLLAB-1066)

  • fixed - The smartbear.ccollab.upload.ignore.binary.file property was ignored by JSON APIs. (COLLAB-998)

  • fixed - Private or non-SCM files prevented review uploads from Eclipse Plug-in. (COLLAB-945)

  • fixed - The location data for defects within documents was displayed incorrectly in the Defect report. (919)

  • fixed - Some users could log in even if all floating licenses was consumed. (COLLAB-694)

  • fixed - The filters of the Diff Viewer's chat panel did not function properly. (COLLAB-710)

  • fixed - The Before and After drop-down lists of the Diff Viewer displayed file ids rather than commit ids for GitHub files.

  • fixed - Diff Viewer navigates between files alphabetically even when File View is set to "Compressed Tree". (COLLAB-389)

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