Version 8.4.8403

Applies to Collaborator 14.5, last modified on May 06, 2024

This topic describes the changes made to Collaborator 8.4.8403. For information on the changes made to other versions of the product, see Version History.

  • added — ability to obscure database passwords in ROOT.xml (COLLAB-261)

  • added — admin has ability to limit subscriber role (COLLAB-57)

  • fixed — Eliminated duplicate logins when trailing spaces are included (COLLAB-69)

  • fixed — Fixed issue with Previous/Next diff filter (COLLAB-78)

  • fixed — Authors are now notified if they are not the creator of the review (COLLAB-85)

  • fixed — Memory issue with AccuRev loading (COLLAB-126)

  • fixed — Issue with non-participants having certain edit permissions (COLLAB-135)

  • fixed — Issue with user selecting a new template and getting error (COLLAB-142)

  • fixed — Database integrity diagnostic JoinReviewChangelist error after failed web upload in IE (COLLAB-148)

  • fixed — UI issue with General Info area being overwritten (COLLAB-157)

  • fixed — Footer incorrect (COLLAB-166)

  • fixed — Issue with Group members creating a review that includes non-Group members as the reviewer. Can’t check off items in checklist (COLLAB-167)

  • fixed — Lack of warning when mandatory participant is removed from a review (COLLAB-174)

  • fixed — Exception error with review pools (COLLAB-176)

  • fixed — P4 passwords showing in Web UI debug logs (COLLAB-178)

  • fixed — ClearCase issue with addversions if there are changes in subdirectory (COLLAB-181)

  • fixed — Issue with plugins newer than the server version of Eclipse (COLLAB-183)

  • fixed — Get email/full name data upon account creation (COLLAB-205)

  • fixed — Field not cleared after creating a group (COLLAB-210)

  • fixed — Style issue in the diff viewer – breaks if the conversation is resized (COLLAB-216)

  • fixed — Ensure diffs reviewed does not automatically detect merged changes (COLLAB-218)

  • fixed — Raise notification subject line to 256 characters (COLLAB-222)

  • fixed — List Review Stalled notification template using Review Stalled Author template (COLLAB-227)

  • fixed — Fields not cleaned after creating user (COLLAB-234)

  • fixed — Reviews not appearing in action items for author (COLLAB-236)

  • fixed — Setting "Review template" to the same template in the command line wipes out participants (COLLAB-239)

  • fixed — Unable to remove group admins using group sync (COLLAB-240)

  • fixed — Review general information: Admins could see only groups where they are members of. (COLLAB-245)

  • fixed — Make all searches case insensitive (COLLAB-247)

  • fixed — Memory issue with SCM.Uploadchangeset() with Subversion (COLLAB-250)

  • fixed — Action item arrow is red even though no action can be done (COLLAB-254)

  • fixed — Review Creator cannot edit General Info (COLLAB-271)

  • fixed — GIT issue if there is a file named HEAD in the directory (COLLAB-275)

  • fixed — P4 addchangelists broken for certain versions (COLLAB-286)

  • fixed — Add option to allow uploading other user's perforce pending changelists (COLLAB-287)

  • fixed — "AddChanges" fails in CVS (COLLAB-290)

  • fixed — RTC: “Save change set links and Comments” follow up is now triggered. (COLLAB-54)

  • fixed — RTC: No new reviews are generated if Work Items are linked to rejected or cancelled review (COLLAB-204)

  • fixed — RTC - All changesets are not uploaded if one is empty (COLLAB-279)

  • fixed — RTC: “Add to Review” to be available for changesets in RTC that have been delivered (COLLAB-208)

  • fixed — Clearcase: Adding changes via addchanges from parent directories cause the changes to be added as "uploaded files" (COLLAB-238)

  • fixed — ClearCase addversions/addchanges fails when using relative path for Windows (COLLAB-298)

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