Version 8.4.8401

Applies to Collaborator 14.6, last modified on July 10, 2024

This topic describes the changes made to Collaborator 8.4.8401. For information on the changes made to other versions of the product, see Version History.

  • added — **Accepted** messages now shown on review reports (COLLAB-38)

  • added — Added comment link in search results screen (COLLAB-42)

  • fixed — Calendar week starts on Monday instead of Sunday (COLLAB-15)

  • fixed — Single-Review dumps contain LabelLocation records for all reviews (COLLAB-27)

  • fixed — PDF Conversion causes long query warnings (COLLAB-23)

  • fixed — Vertical Tab control code breaks Review-XML parser (COLLAB-25)

  • fixed — Checklist records not cleaned up when Review is deleted (COLLAB-29)

  • fixed — Config only dumps sometimes will not load due to false positive on Duplicate Meta-Data (COLLAB-30)

  • fixed — DOCX upload never completes (COLLAB-40)

  • fixed — Deleting Admin email now generates error instead of going to first run initialization screen (COLLAB-41)

  • fixed — Hourly time calculations in reports stop at 24 hours instead of 30 hours now before rolling into days (COLLAB-55)

  • fixed — Notification errors in some cases in Collab.log (COLLAB-24)

  • fixed — Adding a review pool group to two different parent groups breaks participants list (COLLAB-76)

  • fixed — MS Office graphics objects do not render in diff viewer (COLLAB-79)

  • fixed — Broken keyboard shortcuts in Diff Viewer (COLLAB-90)

  • fixed — Changing template in completed review causes a hang (COLLAB-112)

  • fixed — Diff convos scrolled off screen when you click them (COLLAB-122)

  • fixed — Could not select the participant from specific group (COLLAB-124)

  • fixed — Loading AccuRev history used too much memory (COLLAB-126)

  • fixed — Overview text box is now larger (COLLAB-127)

  • fixed — ClearCase 'Local' does not work in 'addversions' command (COLLAB-130)

  • fixed — DB import fails with " Data format error: Character reference "&#" (COLLAB-134)

  • fixed — Cannot display timeline of deleted reviews (COLLAB-145)

  • fixed — Perforce client-ownership check does not respect case-sensitivity setting (COLLAB-152)

  • fixed — MS SQL Server 2012 - unable to import system dump files (COLLAB-168)

  • fixed — Review deadline is showing dummy data on the Reports (COLLAB-170)

  • fixed — RTC - Reopening a review does not change the Work Item approval status (COLLAB-175)

  • fixed — RTC - Cannot upload change sets when the number of changes is hidden in the RTC client (COLLAB-187)

  • fixed — Option to filter users when adding them to groups does not work properly (COLLAB-192)

  • fixed — CodeReviewer webpage showing when clicking Help from Collaborator (COLLAB-194)

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