Version 7.0.7022

Applies to Collaborator 14.5, last modified on June 13, 2024


This topic describes the changes made to Collaborator 7.0.7022. For information on the changes made to other versions of the product, see Version History.

Major features:
  • A fully revised and streamlined user interface

  • Hierarchal custom fields

  • Support for Perforce shelvesets

  • Support for Git changelists

  • Support for ClearCase plugin using CodeCollaborator Eclipse plugin

  • Option to provide users with option to reject a review

  • Ability to log debug information from Eclipse plugin

More improvements:
  • added --- automatically list local (not in upstream) git commits in GUI

  • added --- gitaddbranch to automatically add diff of what is in a branch that is not upstream as one squashed diff

  • added --- review security option to allow participants and group members (inclusive) access to reviews

  • added --- added Defect log to the Review Screen

  • added ---remember Participants section "Group by" settings

Bug Fixes:
  • fixed --- now correctly parse SVN server certification error messaging (case 60790)

  • fixed --- support ClearCase Zulu format date strings (case 60137)

  • fixed --- now correctly parse svn server certification error messaging (case 60790)

  • fixed --- eclipse plugin chooses wrong default previous version (Case 60409)

  • fixed --- validate content on client before caching. (Case 60157)

  • fixed --- creator can now begin reviews via eclipse or command line even if they are not an author (case 59171)

  • fixed --- download Diff does not properly handle (ignore) binary files (Case 59631)

  • fixed --- ignore CVS banner in stderr (Cases 59676, 60698)

  • fixed --- blank screen when logging in for some users (case 60602)

  • fixed --- error with Subversive/JavaHL when no access to repo root (Case 60265)

  • fixed --- check version before executing shelveset commands (case 60569)

  • fixed --- reworked file now shows correct status (Case 60025)

  • fixed --- added functionality to delay review loading after executing changes page (Case 58880)

  • fixed --- TFS en_CA date now parses correctly (Case 60231)

  • fixed --- limit width of "Fun Facts" box (Case 59959)

  • fixed --- Get content of non-local resources in Eclipse even if out of sync (Case 60129)

  • fixed --- Eclipse plugin update now correctly supports all versions (Case 57778)

  • fixed --- null pointer exception in Eclipse client (Case 58849)

  • fixed --- different OS's can now add the same file to a review without causing problems due to different line endings (Case 59412)

  • fixed --- "Suppress Notification" checkbox stays checked (Case 59164)

  • fixed --- OOBE when changelist is empty (Case 61404, Case 61382)

  • fixed --- Retain external URL on startup (Case 61453)

  • fixed --- Eliminate manual refresh of cached headers (Case 61435)

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