Version 6.5.6502

Applies to Collaborator 14.5, last modified on April 09, 2024

This topic describes the changes made to Collaborator 6.5.6502. For information on the changes made to other versions of the product, see Version History.

  • added --- PeerReview Complete will now import database exports from CodeCollaborator as long as minor version/build numbers match.

  • added --- Updated manual to include alternate SSL option (Case 58976)

  • added --- Syntax parsing for Gosu

  • added --- Configuration options for synergy web-mode.

  • fixed --- Search results, even by review ID, will not display reviews that the user does not have permission to access (uservoice request)

  • fixed --- Updated manual screenshot for Synergy (Case 51728)

  • fixed --- Surround committed changelist paths do not start with '/' (Case 56730)

  • fixed --- Grammar error in server installer authentication page (Case 55791)

  • fixed --- Time spent reviewing is now correct. (Case 54486, Case 56510)

  • fixed --- Home page will no longer be blank when a review with an open commit reminder is deleted (Case 59137)

  • fixed --- Date in version history for 6.5.6501 now correctly shows as 2011.

  • fixed --- Better sorting of case-only changes in Ensure Content Reviewed Trigger (Case 58645)

  • fixed --- Correctly handle Surround en_GB dates and fixes for history command parsing (Case 58882)

  • fixed --- "Unlimited" number of reviewers is now limited to 100,000. (Case 58709)

  • fixed --- Zooming in on a very large PDF that strains memory limits will now produce a friendly error message. (Case 57205)

  • fixed --- Button text should now be consistent across reports. (Case 58794)

  • fixed --- Accurev uploads should no longer complain about an A:\ drive. (Case 58982)

  • fixed --- Updated System Status forms to remain within allotted space (Case 57616)

  • fixed --- Print To Review 'File does not exist' error. (Case 58931)

  • fixed --- No longer prevented from marking comments read/accepted when two comments collide on the same line of a diff. (Case 57504)

  • fixed --- Users are no longer blocked from editing a review after it is due. (Case 53495)

  • fixed --- Report Access Security no longer fails with Oracle. (Case 58794)

  • fixed --- Fixed a file upload issue with TFS that had files showing up as if they had no content. (58738)

  • fixed --- PRC server installer links to the correct online manuals. (Case 57677)

  • fixed --- Rework/rebase counter on review overview page. (Case 57203)

  • fixed --- Custom defect names should now show up everywhere that the defect label is used. (Case 58524, Case 57569)

  • fixed --- Next button should now work when looking for defects. (Case 58542)

  • fixed --- Added diagnostic to eliminate dangling user references. (Case 58213)

  • fixed --- VHDL syntax highlighting.

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