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Version 6.0.6016

Applies to Collaborator 13.9, last modified on November 04, 2021

This topic describes the changes made to Collaborator 6.0.6016. For information on the changes made to other versions of the product, see Version History.

  • added - Respect Subversive Plugin "Do not select externals" preference

  • added - Subversion 'svn-recurse-externals' option to recurse in to svn:externals directories

  • added - Subversion svn-auto-add global option to treat unversioned files as "added"

  • added - Better command-line messages for ccollab admin group member add

  • added - review_activity_summary columns: active_reviewer_hours, passive_reviewer_hours (Case 55374)

  • added - Print To Review 64-bit driver (Cases 55373, 54985, 52098)

  • added - Extra logging around search

  • added - Support for Team Foundation Server 2010 (Case 54907 and others)

  • added - Radio buttons for Clearcase "Add versions" GUI file selection usability (Case 50471)

  • added - Support Subversive Eclipse Subversion plugin

  • added - Diagnostic to clean up duplicate values in metadatavalue* tables (Case 55633)

  • added - Prompt from eclipse client and standalone GUI when bad auth credentials prevent succesful server responses.

  • fixed - Handle TFS Russian date formats (Case 55797)

  • fixed - Bad warning message when uploading unversioned file using 'ccollab addfiles'

  • fixed - Suppress messages going to Subclipse console

  • fixed - Error committing Subversion files in added directories

  • fixed - Prevent duplicate Group members (Case 55623)

  • fixed - Delete duplicate Group members in Fix Database Data diagnostic

  • fixed - Eclipse resource decoration and defect markers fail to update

  • fixed - Eclipse "Add to Review" menu item in Synchronize View missing for CVS and Subversion

  • fixed - Exception when running "List Reports" in Oracle (Case 55721)

  • fixed - GUI Client Git "Add changes" does not canonicalize filesystem path (Case 54598)

  • fixed - NPE in "Add changes" when adding from subdirectory of Git repo (Case 55676)

  • fixed - Handle missing Perforce 'haveRev' better (Case 55458)

  • fixed - Reviewer can incorrectly finish until file activity (Case 55456)

  • fixed - Reworked files showing 'Initial' status (Case 55557)

  • fixed - NPE in installer during ROOT.xml generation (Case 55578)

  • fixed - Better error message when LDAP authenticated user has not logged in to the web UI (Case 55538)

  • fixed - RTC server plugin fails to create review when files paths cannot be constructed (Case 55547)

  • fixed - Error saving Review custom fields in Eclipse plugin

  • fixed - Performance - Only search "user" comments, not system comments

  • fixed - Skip change set links that are missing a workspace hint in RTC Server Plugin

  • fixed - Translate ClearCase LATEST to actual version

  • fixed - Try harder to not run out of memory when running Perforce commands (Case 46879)

  • fixed - Tray Notifier always thinks there are new Action Items

  • fixed - Can not add pending Perforce changelist from Eclipse Plugin (Case 55064)

  • fixed - Improve initial load speed of diff page (Case 55306)

  • fixed - Command-line process execution fails with msysgit (Case 55322)

  • fixed - Collapse paths in tree when selecting locally modified files in "Add versions" UI (Case 50471)

  • fixed - Stop storing password supplied at command line prompt in config file

  • fixed --- ClassCastException in "Fix Duplicate Users Differing By Case" Diagnostic. (Case 55910)

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