Version 6.0.6012

Applies to Collaborator 14.5, last modified on June 13, 2024

This topic describes the changes made to Collaborator 6.0.6012. For information on the changes made to other versions of the product, see Version History.

  • added --- Documentation for content-cache format prop file

  • added --- Compare against any local file in Eclipse plugin

  • added --- Select line in Eclipse plugin Compare Editor when conversation focused in Conversations View

  • added --- Compare against any local file in Eclipse plugin

  • added --- Refresh button to Eclipse Review Editor

  • added --- Display links for URL's and emails in Eclipse Plugin Conversations View

  • added --- Links in Eclipse Plugin Conversations View

  • added --- Links in Eclipse Plugin custom fields and defect text

  • added --- Linkify-as-you-type in Eclipse Plugin

  • added --- Display Review ID in "Add To Review" wizard confirmation page (Case 54371)

  • added --- Log IP address of old clients (Case 54392)

  • added --- New reporting views. (Case 54438)

  • added --- Option to suppress notifications by type/template

  • added --- Interim 'ccollab logout' command that clears password (Case 54065)

  • fixed --- HTML markup displayed in Eclipse plugin 'Moving On' section

  • fixed --- Multi-selected files not uploading from addin

  • fixed --- Defect links and comment box sometimes disabled improperly in Eclipse plugin

  • fixed --- do not mark review editor dirty just because custom field values are not yet assigned

  • fixed --- NullPointerException committing from tray notifier

  • fixed --- Eclipse Review Editor "Moving On" section missing controls after pressing "Begin Review"

  • fixed --- Make Conversation ruler background color match file in Eclipse Compare Editor

  • fixed --- Missing checked graphic in diff viewer

  • fixed --- Eclipse plugin Compare Editor "Too Many Differences" error"

  • fixed --- Erroneous Concurrency Exception on upgrade (Case 54087)

  • fixed --- Can no longer create multiple custom fields that differ only by case (Case 54087)

  • fixed --- Corrected features-not-supported-in-CodeReviewer list

  • fixed --- Email notifier log message says "seconds" instead of "milliseconds"

  • fixed --- Display image for file type in Eclipse Compare Editor

  • fixed --- Prefs page fails to render tabs in IE7

  • fixed --- In Notification Template admin screen, sort the templates by display name.

  • fixed --- Make 'browser' global option case-insensitive (Case 50407)

  • fixed --- Keep Eclipse Plugin Action Items View and Editors in sync

  • fixed --- Use custom label for "Defect" in Eclipse Plugin

  • fixed --- Eclipse plugin "Could not get defect attribute from defect marker" error (Case 54349)

  • fixed --- Sort next file/previous file the same as the review overview screen, collating case (case 54132)

  • fixed --- p4 \r\r\n line endings confuse ensure-content-reviewed trigger (Case 54213)

  • fixed --- Better error messages for Eclipse Plugin (Case 54350)

  • fixed --- do not overwrite file content when restoring from backup (Case 54401)

  • fixed --- Installer should automatically replace old P4V custom tool definitions (Case 54450)

  • fixed --- Updated manual to document all views. Corrected view name to: defects_by_path (Case 54437)

  • fixed --- Dynamic Defect Report filter by Review Completion Date (Case 54226)

  • fixed --- Error upgrading server if no diffs cached (Case 54381)

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