Version 6.0.6009

Applies to Collaborator 14.5, last modified on April 18, 2024

This topic describes the changes made to Collaborator 6.0.6009. For information on the changes made to other versions of the product, see Version History.

  • added --- New file content store format for better FS performance.

  • added --- Print To Review and Studio Addin launch 'Add To Review' GUI wizard

  • added --- Enable log level management through JMX

  • added --- External diff launcher preset for BeyondCompare on Linux

  • added --- Supported browsers now include Chrome

  • added --- Display graphical UI for P4V integration

  • added --- P4V integration upload multiple changelists at once

  • added --- Show user login to disambiguate user names on Group admin page (Case 53589)

  • added --- Click on a line in the Eclipse compare viewer and start typing to add comment

  • fixed --- Added troubleshooting info to the manual for p4v/p4win plugin (Case 53579)

  • fixed --- Added keyboard shortcuts for GUI client to manual (Case 53578)

  • fixed --- Eclipse client new chat box does not size correctly with trailing line feed on Windows (Case 52804)

  • fixed --- Review completion from the command line ignores unset required participant custom fields. (Case 51714)

  • fixed --- Role Configurations cannot be created (Case 53418)

  • fixed --- Double-click entry in Eclipse diff's structure view and the window shifts to the right (Case 51590)

  • fixed --- SCM Configurations show bogus local path

  • fixed --- Install P4 Plugins checkbox should be checked by default if Perforce installed.

  • fixed --- Support redacted comment update in eclipse plug-in

  • fixed --- Documentation on how to change the file cache location (Case 47974)

  • fixed --- Restrict Uploads to Review cannot be changed on review edit (Case 52417)

  • fixed --- Show redacted comments as redacted on review overview

  • fixed --- Add documentation for configurable server log settings (Case 50107)

  • fixed --- Comments sort in wrong order in document review. (Case 53540)

  • fixed --- "Fix Defects" phase now uses custom label for Defects.

  • fixed --- Eclipse client allows you to "wait" when you are already waiting (Case 51559)

  • fixed --- Group member edit list of members is too narrow in IE (Case 50184)

  • fixed --- ccollab admin review wait is --until argument is now optional; defaults to Any

  • fixed --- Include disabled and reporting-only Groups in Review report filter

  • fixed --- Organize Groups on Admin->Groups page (Case 53586)

  • fixed --- Change the accepted version icon in the pulldown to differ by more than just color

  • fixed --- Display "not yet supported" message for "Live URL" files in Eclipse Plugin

  • fixed --- "Concurrency Exception" after system upgrade. (Case 53621)

  • fixed --- Select current location when clicked in right side of Eclipse compare viewer

  • fixed --- Update top-level Git page in manual (case 53395)

  • fixed --- Focus correct conversation control when new conversation started in Eclipse client

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