Version 6.0.6008

Applies to Collaborator 14.5, last modified on May 06, 2024

This topic describes the changes made to Collaborator 6.0.6008. For information on the changes made to other versions of the product, see Version History.

  • fixed --- Eclipse update site URL in 6.0 zipped update site pointing to 5.0

  • fixed --- Addin under VS 2010 (cases 51282, 52100, and 53275)

  • fixed --- Eclipse plugin "Recent Participants" have the wrong Role

  • fixed --- Make clearcase addversions wizard upload multiple versions at a time

  • fixed --- Restrict Access to Review has inconsistent wording (Case 52444)

  • fixed --- Removed broken Revert buttons from Group Admin page

  • fixed --- PHP not syntax highlighted when opening <?php is not closed (Case 50039)

  • fixed --- In document review, clicking on a different page's comment does not select that comment (Case 52470)

  • fixed --- Display an error on review edit when not all required assignments are present (Case 52008)

  • fixed --- Diff viewer keyboard shortcuts help does not work in Chrome (Case 51820)

  • fixed --- Eclipse client custom field error decoration clipped in Review Editor

  • fixed --- Eclipse Review Editor appears dirty if string custom field is empty

  • fixed --- Group selection does not appear in review editor if no group is assigned (case 52872)

  • fixed --- ClearQuest activity review titles should default to headline (case 49180)

  • fixed --- Use first commit hash as Git repo identifier

  • fixed --- Allow non-ascii characters in username/password field (Cases 51434 and 52406)

  • fixed --- Sort files alphabetically in GUI client "Add Changes" wizard (Case 53067)

  • fixed --- Typos in documentation of "ccollab admin batch" command (Case 52711)

  • fixed --- Redacted comments should not be counted or displayed in reports (Case 52256)

  • fixed --- Alphabetize users and groups on Group edit page (Case 53067)

  • fixed --- Redacting a comment on zoomed image resizes image (Case 52277)

  • fixed --- Spurious P4V addons message at end of install process (Case 48043)

  • fixed --- Move restrict process options to access restrictions section (Case 49848)

  • fixed --- Error uploading Subversion revisions with directory changes in Eclipse Plugin

  • fixed --- Performance - Case insensitive string indexes in Oracle (Case 52392)

  • fixed --- Content Archive queries do not scale well

  • fixed --- Enforce administrator dump restriction at dump time, not just display time

  • fixed --- Surround changelist date AM/PM concerns (case 52522)

  • fixed --- Default Value for Participant Custom Field broken (Case 52082)

  • fixed --- Changed description of "Allowed to Modify Review" to better reflect true behavior (Case 51954)

  • fixed --- When Eclipse plugin refresh job fails with network error, stop all refresh jobs

  • fixed --- Order files alphebetically in ClearCase version spec page

  • fixed --- Prevent multiple instances of server (multiple ROOT.xml files) from running at the same time

  • added --- Button to Eclipse Review Editor to open Review in browser

  • added --- Implement defect Track Externally button in Eclipse plugin

  • added --- User Detail Report now contains a link to get a CSV file containing the User Activity data

  • added --- Compare reviewed version with local file in Eclipse client

  • added --- 'ccollab admin review defect mark-not-external'

  • added --- Option to ignore integration history when caculating previous versions in perforce(Case 51845, 45704)

  • added --- Always show line numbers by default in Eclipse plugin line-based Compare Editor

  • added --- Print To Review support for 300 DPI color (case 52050)

  • added --- Check for concurrent DB access

  • added --- Change autofill UI in clearcase addversions wizard

  • added --- Instructions in manual on how to create database and user in mysql using command line

  • added --- Better error handling for server connection errors in Eclipse plugin

  • added --- Submit comments / create defects with in Eclipse plugin

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