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Version 5.0.5018

Applies to Collaborator 13.9, last modified on November 04, 2021

This topic describes the changes made to Collaborator 5.0.5018. For information on the changes made to other versions of the product, see Version History.

  • added — Tray Notifier on MacOS (Case 38167)

  • added — GUI client and Tray Notifier support for Solaris on X86 (Case 46627)

  • added — GUI client support for MacOS 64 bit (Case 46337, Case 47149)

  • added — Add a general comment when a changelist is removed from a review (Case 46562)

  • added — Make cache performance information available in System screen (Case 47315)

  • fixed — 'ccollab admin group create' errors with "Group GUID '...' must exist before you can edit it." (Case 47166)

  • fixed — 'ccollab admin group' commands error with "Group GUID '...' must exist before you can edit it." (Case 47166)

  • fixed — Added documentation for Review Deadline to the Creating a review section and edited the Creating a review section (Case 47184)

  • fixed — The link inside of the GIT integration had a typo that was making it appear malformed (Case 47191)

  • fixed — Need to fix the AccuRev casing in the standalone GUI (Case 47247)

  • fixed — Surround missing from scm config list for CLI

  • fixed — Typo on the triggers page in the command for passing a review title (Case 47241)

  • fixed — Better explanation of "Active Users" chart (Case 47316)

  • fixed — Client does not open browser on MacOS (Case 47051)

  • fixed — Improve performance of Fun Fact total review time query.

  • fixed — Minimum required Surround client is 2009.1.0

  • fixed — Better description of review deadline meaning (case 47239)

  • fixed — GUI client does not close properly on MacOS X (Case 46061)

  • fixed — Tray Notifier not resizable on Linux (Case 36320)

  • fixed — Diff cache misses almost always (Case 47315)

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