Version 2.0.601

Applies to Collaborator 14.6, last modified on July 10, 2024

This topic describes the changes made to Collaborator 2.0.601. For information on the changes made to other versions of the product, see Version History.

  • added — new AJAX-based chat system really works like instant messaging (Case 24895)

  • added — Microsoft SQL Server support (with migration path from MySQL)

  • added — overall-review comment/defect chat area (Case 13622)

  • added — server-side event-based trigger system for running custom scripts (Case 26886)

  • added — link to download all review files to the local workstation (Case 24891)

  • added — ability to cancel a review rather than deleting completely (Case 24892)

  • added — ability to change participants while review is going on (Case 24894)

  • added — database view for person-hours per review, user, and role

  • added — command-line client options for overriding server URL, username, and password

  • added — emails now include user's full name both in "to" and "from" fields (Case 23212)

  • added — date/time of comments now displayed as a tool-tip (Case 10644)

  • added — support for "local-mode" CVS servers (Case 25020)

  • added — links to server/review debugging data from "System" screen

  • added — user option for whether default side-by-side diff is "current vs. last upload" or "current vs. base version" (Case 25812)

  • added — P4V/P4Win plug-in should list current reviews when attaching changelists to existing reviews (Case 28458)

  • added — embedded database installer option for easy test servers (with migration path to MySQL or SQL Server)

  • added — installer allows admin to set web server port number

  • added — can create users with name and email address from the user administration page

  • added — user administration page now shows which users logged in, inactive, disabled, and administrators

  • added — deleted file content now viewable in side-by-side

  • added — for SCM systems without atomic changelists, consolidate all changelists into a single list view

  • added — for SCM systems without atomic changelists, rework uploads include reverted files

  • fixed — insertion/deletion markers cause confusion; tooltips added to explain (Case 30393)

  • fixed — filename different depending on which browser attached the external file (Case 25329)

  • fixed — "accept" markers are now cleared on files that have been newly uploaded (Case 20534)

  • fixed — with review in inspection phase, one reviewer is done but others are not, no action item for the first reviewer (Case 25823)

  • fixed — recent participant list included inactive users (Case 24141)

  • fixed — user initials can be ambiguous (Case 24274)

  • fixed — speed optimizations for very large reviews (Case 29003)

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